Tyler Zen


With the debut of her fun and beautiful children’s book, Lulu the Moon Catcher, former classical pianist Tyler Zen is thrilled to add “author” to her resume.

Growing up with her loving grandma and spending more than her fair share of time playing in nature (just like Lulu), Tyler was inspired to write this story to urge kids to stay true to themselves in spite of others’ opinions.

Lulu The Moon Catcher


Tyler Zen grew up with her loving grandma, who spoiled her. She was a wonderfully wild child, climbing every tree, pillar, or roof in her path. Tyler was the only girl on her soccer team and spent her days having sword fights, partaking in outdoor adventures, acting as a superhero who saved injured animals…and the list goes on! To Tyler, the great outdoors was a boundless playground that provided an endless supply of entertainment. She loved playing in nature from sunrise to sunset, running on adrenaline and often resisting bedtime. As a free-spirited child with infinite energy, Tyler faced heaps of trouble by breaking rules and shunning norms when it came to acting “like a girl.” She was her kindergarten teacher’s nightmare, yet what a wonderful childhood it was!

Tyler’s parents signed her up for piano lessons to encourage her to become more “ladylike” and disciplined. She instantly fell in love with the piano. With her love of music, Tyler studied piano performance and went on to pursue her music journey further in graduate school. Unfortunately, she suffered nerve damage in her left hand following a car accident. She lost strength in her fingers, and her hand often cramped up when she tried to play the piano. As a result, Tyler was no longer able to complete a piano piece at the same level she once did. The accident changed her destiny, but it never broke her spirit, although she did cry herself to sleep for a sustained period of time immediately after the accident.

Lulu the Moon Catcher is Tyler’s first children’s book. Having experienced life as a “cool oddball,” Tyler was inspired to write this story. She believes we are all unique in our own beautiful way and wants to encourage kids to stay true to themselves despite what others think of them. Self-worth, self-respect, and self-love come from self-acceptance. She hopes that all kids will embrace their uniqueness with confidence because that’s what makes them special, valuable, and irreplaceable.

As an avid explorer and gypsy at heart, Tyler loves traveling and exploring different cultures. She speaks three languages, two dialects, and has visited over 15 countries.

Currently, Tyler enjoys her career in the music and wellness fields. In her spare time, she enjoys engaging in photography, composing music, exploring new opportunities for her next adventure, dancing with her two left feet, tasting new cuisines, and dreaming about the tiny house community she will build one day. And, yes, she did try to catch the moon when she was little!